Episode 0 | Intro to the Show

March 06, 2023 00:03:27
Episode 0 | Intro to the Show
Remote Culture Club with Alix Dunn
Episode 0 | Intro to the Show

Mar 06 2023 | 00:03:27


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Welcome to the Remote Culture Club podcast – building a remote culture that works.

Join us in the Remote Culture Club podcast with Alix Dunn. We wanted to tell you more about the framing and project we’re embarking on. The way we work has changed dramatically, yet there are few places to go to ask questions and brainstorm ideas on how to facilitate that change. We want to be that space you can come to, and a place that can give you concrete experiments you can run yourself. Please let us know what you think, and share ideas, topics and people we should talk to–don’t hesitate to reach out, and we hope you enjoy!


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Speaker 1 00:00:06 Welcome to the Remote Culture Club podcast. On this show we inspire and equip leaders to build remote culture that works. I'm your host Alex Dunn, and even though I've been leading remote organizations for over 10 years, I'm always learning more. It's really nice to have you here. And without further ado, welcome to the show. Speaker 2 00:00:30 Hi there. Welcome to the Remote Culture Club podcast. My name is Alex Dunn and this is the first episode. Welcome. I wanna to start by framing what's coming so you have a better sense of what to expect and also know how to get involved, if that's of interest. This podcast is focused on remote culture, which I think of as the ways that groups come together when they do remote work in unique formations to do, um, things based on their values and based on what they want, um, as individuals and teams in terms of their work life. Each episode will either be a conversation with someone I have met, um, along the way that I think has interesting perspective and ideas that will be helpful to people that are either running remote teams or in charge of remote culture aspects of work. Or, um, an episode from me unpacking something that I find interesting or have learned as I'm doing work with different partners to help them improve their remote culture practices. Speaker 2 00:01:26 So that's the general idea. The reason I in particular am doing this, um, I've been working remotely for about 12 years and through that time have been really interested in what you can do to make remote work work for each individual on the team. And I've had <laugh> to learn a lot of hard lessons throughout that time and have regularly been surprised at how few places there are to go to ask questions, to get ideas, to get inspiration that can help make changes and sort of better understand what's going on when things aren't going well. So that's the purpose is essentially to be a space you can come to. Listen to some interesting conversations with people that have a particular vantage point on remote culture, get some reframes of problems you might have, but also come away with concrete experiments you can run with your own team, um, and things you can take back to your organization to start making good strides on changes in remote culture and practice. Speaker 2 00:02:18 So that's the goal. This is the first episode. Um, this is gonna be the first round of interview conversations. In the next few episodes, it will get better. <laugh>, this is the first time I've done this kind of thing. We're learning and sort of seeing this as an early phase of a longer journey to produce content, um, for people we support and people, um, within our network that are interested in this topic. So bear with us. If you have ideas of topics or people we should be talking to or want us to get in conversation with you, don't hesitate to reach out. We're looking for people that, uh, have a cool way of thinking about remote culture or a specific thing that drives them mad that they wanna come talk to us about. So reach out if you've got ideas, wanna come on the podcast or have, um, suggestions for topics you want us to cover. And I hope you enjoy.

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